Villas for Sale in Sicily - Introduction

Currently we are selling two villas in Sicily:

- Villa Zagami
- Villa Muscianò

The first is a typical authentic Sicilian Villa in the midst of a 20.000 m2 citrus grove.
The second, Villa Musciano, modern, has been build very recently by a young creative architect from Sicily.
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Villa Muscianò

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Newly build 'Villa Muscianò' is a brilliant one of a kind villa in the heart of the beautiful Alcantara Valley, near Taormina, in the delightful Etna area.

The house has reently been finished in August.

The synergy between the architectural design and the landscape makes the complex appear to be emerging out of the sicilian hills.

The villa was designed by Elena Arcidiacono, a young sicilian architect who after working for years in Spain decided to come back to her homeland. She received almost 'carte blanche' to design and build a villa which 'only needed to be splendid'. And that is exactly what it has become.

Inside and outside the house you'll be surprised by the geometric perfection of the layout and the play of proportions.

This villa offers spectaculair views over the surrounding mountains, the valley and the sea, 7 kilometers away.

The property consist of 3 bodies. These bodies are internally connected by a stairway, that seems like it's carved inside the mountain.

The highest upper body contains the well equiped kitchen and the living room with a central fire place and terrific views.

The dining / living space and kitchen open out through sliding doors onto a 50 metre terrace that surrounds the remarkable swimming pool.

Here guests can relax by the pool and take in an amazing 360 panorama.

From this level you can take another stairway that is incorporated in the pool to arrive at the third and lowest level where there are 3 bed rooms.

2 of them are double bedrooms with en suite bathroom. One smaller room has two single beds. All sleeping rooms have air conditioning as well as the living room upstairs.

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These villas in Sicily are for rent through, so you may be able to 'try out' for a while, to see if it fits.

Villa Zagami

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The very characteristic Sicilian 'Villa Zagami' stands where the ancient Greek village of Pantalemi once stood, very close to the Alcantara river.

The villa is situated only 100 meters from the river Alcantara, that winds its way through to the Ionian sea through a bed of lava rock. The water is wonderfully cool and refreshing, especially in the hot Sicilian summer. The river is accessible through the wonderful garden.

The first floor of the main house consists of three bedrooms and a bathroom. From the first floor there is acces to the large balcony that offers spectaculair views over the surrounding mountains, the valley and until the sea, 9 kilometers away.

On the groundfloor there is a living annex kitchen, a bedroom and a another bathroom. Around the house there's a beautiful garden inside the extensive orange grove.

Next to the house there's a large garage/utility room, that can be converted in living space if required. Attached on the other side of the house, one small terrace down, there's an annex that needs restauration. 130 m2 of living space can be created here, in accordance with local law.

The prestine situation of this villa, the surrounding land and the available space makes this 'an offer you can't refuse!'

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